Thanksgiving and the Power of Gratitude

In most people’s lives, Thanksgiving has a higher role than food, football and celebrations. The core spiritual value of the holiday lies in gratitude. Everyone sees gratitude as a positive thing, but we don’t always stop to think about how much gratitude we really have.

Thanksgiving is a quality of soul that brings our attention to the present. This is the only time we can experience joy, love, compassion and peace. Gratitude is also a pleasing, positive contemplation of life for the heart. As we meditate on gratitude, the source of all donations-pure consciousness-becomes more accessible. We started to notice what we got, not what we lacked. We see love and beauty in an intimate way and make it live naturally in the present. Research has also found that focusing on gratitude can significantly improve our emotional and physical health, including our heart health.

Cultivate gratitude in everyday life
Gratitude begins when we change from a attitude of rejection and defense to an attitude of acceptance and appreciation. In fact, this involves a major change, so it is useful to keep a thank you log. Each entry shifts your focus from judgment and rejection to a feeling of warmth and appreciation. Sometimes we all need to remind us of a truth expressed by the Greek philosopher Epicurus: “Don’t destroy what you have by craving for what you don’t have; remember that what you have now is just what you once wanted. ”

When you spontaneously appreciate anything, don’t miss a moment. Pause, divert attention to the heart area of ​​the chest, and experience a warm mood. This is how gratitude opens the experience of love and happiness. At the same time, you are establishing a physical and mental connection. The warm feeling in your heart tells you that the message of gratitude has been sent and received by your cells. You can strengthen this connection by visualizing your gratitude; visualization is an effective way to focus on your intentions.

Another very good practice is to lie in bed for a few minutes and then fall asleep to review your day, reminding you of experiences, people and things that you are grateful for, but too busy to focus on during the day. In the words of the poet Maya Angelou, “Let Gratitude be the pillow on which you kneel and pray at night.” Gratitude is a pious meditation practiced every night.

Deepest gratitude
Many people are grateful in a less in-depth way, especially if their focus is substantive. Thanks for a great job, a big house or a new car, which often brings everything to the surface. In deeper emotions, we thank our families and our health. But at the deepest level, gratitude acknowledges our natural support. This support is the foundation of our entire existence. It comes from our pure consciousness, expressing ourselves through our true self.

Our true self is inseparable from pure consciousness and everything that comes from it. There is another self, the self, which manipulates life for its own purposes. Ego is constantly plunged into longing and disgust. From the perspective of the ego, life moves forward by getting more of what we want and reducing what we don’t need. However, this process ignores the divine qualities in the true self, including love, compassion, truth, beauty, discovery, creativity, and evolution.

Some of these qualities do manage to make it to the surface, but our eldest son inheritance is to have more experience with them. Gratitude is a way to open channels, it will awaken us to awaken our true self, sacred qualities and infinite nature. The Buddha imparted a sense of gratitude, calling it “pleasing”, instructing aspiring people to consider the beautiful environment in which they seek spiritual awakening and the ability to achieve this.

Thanksgiving gives you an opportunity to start now and bring the power of gratitude to your life. When you bring the enthusiasm of appreciation into your consciousness, your heart will be filled with gratitude, and no matter where you are, you will find the reason for gratitude.